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From 10.10am - 10.35am

Desk Yoga - Yoga you can do at your workplace | Purdy Smith, Yoginah

Sitting at a desk chair all day in the UK is common.

As is sitting down to drive, to eat and to watch tv of an evening. Sedentary behaviour is on the rise and its causing major health concerns to both body and mind. Cardiologists have been quoted as saying that ‘sitting is the new smoking and it really is a silent killer’. A report by the British Heart Foundation in 2017 suggested that large numbers of people in the UK are still failing to meet recommendations for physical activity, putting them at greater risk of heart and circulatory disease. High income countries including the UK were found to be amongst the least active.

In this mini workshop we share some yoga postures that can be performed both sitting down and standing by a desk.

These can be incorporated throughout your day to break up long periods of inactivity and to reset the body and mind. By performing these regularly pain and stress can be significantly reduced. Yoga clothes not required.

Purdy Smith
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07841287195 @unstruck_yoga

Purdy is one of the founders and Directors of Yoginah, the new home of Yoga in central Reading. She also has ten + years’ experience in Human Resources are Corporate wellbeing.
Yoginah provides a warm and friendly space for our visitors to practice yoga and meditation and/or to sit and chill with a smoothie (prana). The philosophical roots and tradition of yoga is important to us and we aim for this to not get lost amongst the various asanas (physical postures).

We operate classes throughout the day, across multiple styles seven days per week and welcome all to join in and learn how to apply this life science of yoga, today.


From 11.15am - 11.50am

Introduction to Yoga | Kate Cullum, Kate Cullum Yoga

Yoga in the Workplace

In this workshop we will move thorough a gentle sequence of yoga poses incorporating stretches to help relive aches and pains created from repetitive movement and poor posture. We will also explore some simple breathing techniques to help combat stress and tension.

5 Tips for when you are at work

  1. Breathe - Take a moment to pause every so often from your activity – close your eyes and take 3 long slow deep breathes in and out through the nose.
  2. Move – Take regular breaks to move away from the desk – go for a walk – sit back in your seat raise your arms above your head!
  3. Remove your shoes! – Stretch out your toes ( you could even keep a foot roller in your desk)
  4. Look out the window regularly – try to get some daylight and fresh air
  5. Don’t sweat over the small stuff! – Letting go of smaller or less important things you cant control will give you more focus as well as reliving stress from your day

Kate Cullum
Kate Cullum Yoga
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I am a yoga teacher based in Caversham and have been practicing yoga for over 25 years and teaching for 4 years. I have trained in traditional yoga as well as yoga for atheletes.

My aim is to make your body feel the best it can possibly be.

My classes have a strong focus on the breath which calms the mind & relieves stress we move through dynamic standing poses through to longer seated stretches to create strength and flexibility before finishing with deep relaxation.

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