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Workshop – Developing a mental health strategy | Thames Water,
Aimee Cain BNurs SCPHN(OH) MSce
Thames Water will share with you some best practise in developing your own staff well being programme.

Healthy Lunches and Snacks to take to Work |
Jenny Tschiesche
Best-selling author and presenter Jenny Tschiesche, also known as the Lunchbox Doctor, will guide you through a simple and effective lunch and snack planning process, using well researched templates and techniques.

Optimal Nutrition to Reduce Fatigue | Jenny Tschiesche
Best-selling author and presenter Jenny Tschiesche, also known as the Lunchbox Doctor explains the connection between food choices and fatigue.

Food allergies, Intolerances and the Effect on Workplace Absenteeism – Workshop | Jacqui McPeake
A person with a food allergy or food intolerance has to watch their diet very carefully. Any food eaten that contains traces of the allergen will make someone poorly for several days.

Capturing Crystals of Time - Gaining control and clarity | Adam Clark
We believe that, along with money and health, Time is a form of 'profit'. If you can use resources, innovation and leverage to free up your time, you gain mastery.

George Anderson: Building Better Habits
This 20 minute workshop will follow on from the keynote presentation, and focus on building the habits that make the difference.

Building a strong speaking up culture in your organisation | Tim Martin
Many organisations are well into establishing their Speaking Up policies but have you stopped to consider why people might not already be speaking up?

An Introduction to Happiness at Work | Isobel Colson
This workshop is designed for everyone, leaders, managers, entrepreneurs etc.  We will look at the science behind happiness at work and how to create it.

Get Clear on Your Goals | Isobel Colson
Join us for this highly interactive workshop called a 'What If' session. The aim is to take time to think about all the things we would like to do, be or have in our life.

Maintaining mental health in the 24/7 digital age | Philip Cox-Hynd
Meditation, yoga, and other forms of 'well being’ are all very well, and can be very good for you, but, how do you manage the practicalities of constant email, back to back meetings, and generally being available 24/7 in this age of constant connectivity?

Building healthy relationship-based teams | Philip Cox-Hynd
The sound bite, “there is no I in Team” risks de-humanising the individual team member. The key is to manage people as individuals, people who have emotions and vulnerabilities, as well as skills and strengths.

Gut loving foods and plant-based diversity for feeding those microbes | Jen Roach
In this session we will discuss what are gut friendly foods and have a hands on demonstration of fermented foods with live cultures, that are linked to a whole host of mental & physical health benefits.

Full workshop details and biographies - please click here
Full workshop details and biographies - please click here

How understanding personalities using DISC enhances wellbeing and performance | Tanya Ces Maneiro

Do you want to understand yourself, family, clients or co-workers better? Are you looking to prevent conflicts and improve collaboration? Would you like to recruit the right staff, be an effective leader and build better relationships with potential clients? If so, have you heard of DISC?

DESKERCISE! Bye Bye Office Belly; Hello Work Ready | Christopher Robertson
Work can be busy and fast moving. The priority is the job. Why not experience an interactive workshop were you can try up to 20 simple fun and simple exercises to do at your desk alone or with colleagues.

The power of half an hour – how investing 30 minutes in your day can change your life... | Julie Genney
Julie shares a simple coaching technique she uses with clients to focus the mind on finding a solution to any issue, challenge or bring your issue and she’ll help you find a solution.

Sleep and wellbeing | Dr Lindsay Browning
Sleep is the fundamental pillar on which good physical and mental health are founded. During this workshop you will learn about the science of sleep, common sleep problems (including insomnia), tips for overcoming sleep issues and how to develop healthy sleep habits. These talks are popular as “lunch and learn” events or as part of a broader wellbeing program.

Sleep, stress and the workplace | Dr Lindsay Browning
Insufficient sleep causes the UK to lose £40 billion a year due to work absenteeism and lower productivity. This workshop provides advice on stress management and how to deal with worry as well as introducing relaxation techniques that can be used as part of a healthy bedtime routine.

Shift work and sleep | Dr Lindsay Browning
For many, quality, refreshing sleep is hard enough to obtain with a regular bedtime, but for those who work shifts it can become very disruptive. This workshop will look at shift work and sleep, and give tips for minimising the impact of frequently changing sleep patterns.

Managing Your Inner Critic | Sarah Leach
Most of us are in a constant dialogue with our inner critic. You know the voice that says “I'm not good enough or I'm going to get found out”. It often pops up at interviews, presentations, board meetings, team briefings, when you want to make a change of some kind... you get the idea!

How to Thrive at Work | Gurprit Singh
In too many organisations, health and wellbeing is seen as a “nice to have” rather than core to business sustainability.

Developing Resilience (and auditing the cost of stress in your business) | Judy Claughton
This interactive workshop and talk helps you to explore the cost of stress to your business and how to develop your team’s resilience.

The DIY Workplace Emotional Health Check | Lisa LLoyd
Identify strengths and areas for improvement with an audit tool that is flexible enough to be used in a variety of ways. It provides insight into how likely employees are to thrive.

Be Smart about Stress | Lisa LLoyd
Stress is acceptable and to be expected, right? We challenge this misconception and look at the impact stress has on the brain and how you can take control of your emotional arousal. 

Recent research suggests adults spend an average of eleven hours a day connected to some form of technology. We look at our smartphones more than each other! Learn ways to disconnect from tech to allow time for recuperation and reconnecting with real life and people.

There are hundreds of apps available to help you lead a happier, healthier lifestyle. Save time with our curated list of the best apps for creating inner calm. Relax with minutes of mindfulness, gratitude and serenity. Find a peaceful oasis in the palm of your hand.

Full workshop details and biographies - please click here
Full workshop details and biographies - please click here

Wealth, Health & Happiness – Financially speaking | André Davidson

Most people always feel they never have enough money to do all the things they want.  Money, or lack of it, is the No. 1 reason for stress, affecting your health, both physical and mental, your work and your relationships. This can lead to a downward spiral without you even realising it!

Surviving Big Life Changes | Lisa-Claire Janjanin
Change is the only constant. We’ve all heard this so many times now. It’s almost boring. But what does it really mean for us day to day? How do we both practically and emotionally deal with it at the pace that is required in 2019? - especially the BIG life changes. How do we deal with them in a way that prevents us being overwhelmed, distracted, burnt out, feeling like we have no control – how can we survive?

Why are we talking about wellbeing in the workplace | Katy Dickie
Well-being is emerging as one of the key trends in the workplace. The purpose of this session is to clarity why employee well-being is of paramount importance today to all employers regardless of their size and what we mean by well-being in the workplace.

8 steps to implenting a well being strategy | Katy Dickie
A follow-up session to ‘Why are we are we talking about well-being in the workplace – the business case?’. Its aim is to demonstrate what areas you should be considering and provides some straightforward guidance on how to get started on implementing your well-being programme. on key steps to take during your implementation to ensure that it is targeted at the areas that will have the greatest impact on the well-being of your employees and the purpose of your organisation.

Assessing the impact on your business – measuring and evaluating outcomes | Katy Dickie
Once you have determined your well-being strategy and the best interventions to implement for your company. The next step is to measure and evaluate its effectiveness. During this session, we will provide some tips on how to identify the best key metrics, so you gain an understanding whether your programme is successful and if you have obtained value of investment (VOI).

Understanding Alcohol | Tessa Brunsden
Most of us enjoy a drink – but what does it contribute to a healthy life? Join this interactive workshop and look at some of the facts around alcohol. Discover things that are often not known or considered when you drink alcohol – and learn how awareness of them could lead to small, positive changes.

Why good posture and a healthy spine is fundamental to your overall wellbeing | Hazel Dillon
In the workshop today we will talk about how posture affects your whole system and why maintaining good posture is important to your overall health and well-being.

Creating Healthy Workplaces | BW: Workplace Experts
Will explain how the physical work environment can impact on health and wellbeing; and describe the healthy choices you can make when altering, refurbishing or creating new workplaces to benefit your employees.

Are you ok? Mental Health at work: the legal employment stuff you really need to know about | GARDNER LEADER LLP
One in six of us will be affected by mental health at any one time - that could be up to 17 per cent of your workforce!

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - embedding healthy habits | Health@Work
Habits good or bad form the health behaviours we currently have. In order to “change” an understanding of how habits are formed and how we can reshape the triggers of behaviour to work for us and not against is vital for long term behaviour change.

FANS Not Colleagues | Metrobank
Metro Banks view on colleague engagement. Including rewards & benefits but also the purpose of a strong cultural brands.

Full workshop details and biographies - please click here

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