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Fail to Prototype, Fail to Succeed

Mini Workshop: Round table - teams of 4 people [20 mins]

Mark Mason, Design Thinking

“You can prototype just about anything – a new product or service, or a special promotion.” – Tom Kelley, IDEO

In this hands-on and interactive workshop, you will work competitively in teams of 4 and learn the importance of failure and iteration by building prototypes to test out an idea.

Session owner: Mark Mason, Design Thinking


“Described as a Creative Juicer, Mark enables others to be more creative”

Founder and Director at Design Thinking, Mark’s passion for creativity and the power of teamwork and collaboration is evident throughout his work.

A former member of the design leadership team and co-founder of the UK design team at Nokia, Mark has a track record of creating and delivering world-class products and experiences throughout his 30-year career.


An audience with the 'Casual Poet'

Michael Bourton

  • Introduction to me and how, why and when I started writing poetry
  • First poem – the one that inspired me
  • What makes a good poem?
  • How I construct my poems?
  • Difference between spoken narrative word and poetry
  • Subject, rhythm, rhyme, length, pictures
  • Some poems from The Virus Poems and my weekly podcast poems
  • Q & A

It all started with ‘She sat by the window and tapped on the glass, for the rain had started to fall’ was a line that came to me, when I was in my 40s, sitting in the Officers Mess at Royal Air Force Halton - I wrote it down because it fascinated me and forgot about it until a few months later when I found it by chance. As I read it, a poem began to form and whilst I was holding the pen and writing I had no idea where the story was going. It was the very first poem that I had written and defined my future poems - not complicated but often emotional. Poems now wake me up in the night and I capture them in just a few minutes. They probably combine part of my dreams and emotions, but this is my story.

What was remarkable to me was that I have had no background in literature other than reading! A 21 year career as an Air Traffic Controller and Crisis Manager in the Royal Air Force, travelling all over the world may have given me the inspiration for some of the stories, but still they come and are written in just a few minutes. During Lockdown I wrote ‘The Virus Poems’ which is a series of 67 poems which covers the Lockdown period during the Covid-19 outbreak in the UK in 2020. The stories follow me and my dalmatian dog, Bruce on our self-isolation and sometimes light-hearted and sometimes difficult journey. Since then, I write and post on social media 5 poems and cartoons every week

Michael Bourton
The Casual Poet
Poet and Illustrator
Telephone no: 07769258850
Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web address: Thecasualpoet.com


The Business of Improvisation

Very often in business, we have to respond with composure and clarity to situations that are conducive to neither of these things! RABBLE theatre know a fair bit about this.

Through a range of fun and practical improvisation exercises, participants will learn new skills that develop effective communication and sprint-style planning for short notice meetings.

In this taster session, RABBLE will introduce the teachings of clowning, devising and improvising, encouraging positivity and clarity of focus in tricky situations.

Join Reading’s multi-award winning professional theatre for a hilarious taster session.

"Toby and the RABBLE gang have been great. We've worked with them for a year or two now on our Train the Trainer programmes and it's fair to say all of our delegates have enjoyed the sessions and, more importantly, got some concrete techniques out of them to put into practice." KAPLAN

Rabble Theatre

RABBLE know a thing or two about theatre. Formed in 2012, the company have won multiple awards and 5 star reviews from The Stage, Independent and many more, plus they were voted a Guardian Top 20 Production “Exceptional. Rare to see a show of this calibre outside the West End”. Company credits include The RSC, Globe, National Theatre, West End, TV & Film. Their expanding Corporate Workshop clients include Kaplan and Adobe. | www.rabbletheatre.com



Caribbean Music on Steel Pan with CultureMix Arts

Transform your team synergy in 15 minutes and experience making music together at a mini steel band workshop in a fun and welcoming environment.

CultureMix Arts creates Caribbean music experiences that builds confidence, self esteem and a sense of collective well being.

CultureMix Arts

CultureMix Arts is an international music and carnival arts company based in Berkshire, UK. We encourage participation and development offering employment opportunities in the music industry and the carnival sector.

An Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation (ACE NPO) CultureMix Arts has it’s roots in African Caribbean culture from steel pan music and Carnival masquerade of Trinidad and Tobago to Jamaican reggae music.

As a not for profit organisation our focus is on the professional development of young people seeking a career in the creative industries. Internship and work experience programmes offer training in business, finance, tutoring and event management.

Mary Genis FRSA
Artistic Director

CultureMix Arts Ltd
RASPO Steel Orchestra
Reading Reggae Collective

07973 251919

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