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Helping you:

Increasingly corporations, public sector bodies and smaller companies are beginning to consider the benefits of creating a culture and work environment that actively encourages health, wellness, and optimum mental and physical fitness for their employees.

Businesses are discovering that by investing in wellness programmes they are:

  • saving on absence related costs
  • seeing improved productivity and employee loyalty
  • gaining competitive advantage in the job market

An effective wellness programme should improve the lives of your employees and help drive the success of your organisation. The ultimate aim is to recruit and retain a happier and healthier workforce.

What next?

  • With so many wellness schemes, perks and platforms - where do you start?
  • What type of activities can you offer to your employees and what are the cost/time/benefit implications?
  • How do you know which professionals to engage with and will they be appropriate for your brand, organisation and your employees?

We help you choose:

If these are some of your questions then look no further - we can help by providing “taster” opportunities where you can meet, question and try out the services of professionals, health practitioners and companies specialising in corporate wellbeing, before committing to a particular programme, scheme or direction.

Sintassi brings together specialists from across the health & wellness sectors for you to engage with - to help you create a BESPOKE culture and environment where your people can thrive in the workplace…..

Whether you are tasked with:

  • Setting up and implementing a workplace wellbeing strategy
  • Improving your employees’ workplace experiences
  • Regularly searching for fresh ideas for your existing health and wellbeing programme (s)
  • Wanting to keep abreast of health and wellness information and trends


Looking to provide “taster” sessions to your employees so they can improve their OWN mental and physical wellbeing you have come to the right place…

Together, working with you and your teams, we can create YOUR bespoke health and wellbeing:

  • Taster sessions across lunch and break times
  • Half day and full day experiences
  • Workplace wellness festivals
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Conferences 
  • “Meet the Professionals” Expos for you and your employees

Sintassi will provide you with the latest information, tips and advice on a wide range of physical and mental health topics from a range of professionals and specialists in a format that is innovative & fun and supports the performance and wellbeing of your employees.

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