8th November 9.00am – 2.30pm @ Green Park Conference Centre, Reading, RG2 6GP

The aim of this event is to help create and develop healthier, happier and more productive workplaces, thereby reducing staff sick days & absenteeism - which will in turn help to improve the individual’s performance and the overall profitability of the Company / Organisation. This event is designed to provide working people with creative ideas, information, tips, tools and techniques to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Inspirational Speakers
Inspirational SpeakersKeynotes - click me
Inspirational Speakers
Inspirational SpeakersKeynotes - click me
More than ever before, health and wellbeing are recognised within companies as key contributors to productivity – a healthy body and mind can increase your ability to perform at work and in all aspects of your life.
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Holistic healing is rapidly gaining popularity as people become familiar with the idea that maintaining health involves balance of the body, mind, spirit and emotions..
Also learn how you reduce your daily toxic loading.
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Over 50 Workshops - packed full of tips, tools & techniques & fresh ideas on many aspects of HEALTH & WELLBEING - to help you supercharge yourself, your organisation and/or your business to take away and implement
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Discover a space where experts will explain different meditation, mindfulness & relaxation techniques that will help you in your home and work environments. Enjoy experiences from singing to flower arranging.
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Join group classes you know or take the opportunity to come along and try something new. This is the place to discover what suits you, your body and time constaints.

Activities take place indoor and outdoor
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Make an Exhibition of Yourself
Make an Exhibition of YourselfSee exhibitors - click me
Make an Exhibition of Yourself
Make an Exhibition of YourselfSee exhibitors - click me
Meet service providers working in the health, wellbeing and community sectors promoting their products and services. Listen to short presentations and view demonstration from industry experts.
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About Green Park

The foundation of our business culture at Green Park is an occupier focused philosophy and a passion for service excellence. We have responded to the desire of our occupiers to feel part of a community, which is why we are now proud to say that community is at the heart of Green Park. This culture of community and having an occupier-focused philosophy means providing the 7,000 employees from 60 companies on-site with a wide variety of opportunities to improve the quality of their working day. Many of the businesses at Green Park have their own wellbeing policies, so our objective is to supplement what companies based here are able to offer their staff. Exercise, learning, interaction with other people and positive new experiences all contribute to a healthier physical state as well as a positive mental disposition. From a business point of view this all adds up to a happy, more positive workforce which in turn impacts on staff retention and productivity.

With over 450 indoor and outdoor activities in place at Green Park there is plenty of choice for everybody. Examples include weekly exercise classes, nature walks, art classes, photography clubs, open swimming, bird watching, wellbeing seminars and Mental Health First Aid courses. These activities underpin Green Park’s strong commitment to supporting an individual’s choice to pursue a healthy lifestyle at work, as does the on-site Nuffield Health & Wellbeing Gym and on-site chiropractor (Optimal Align). Life doesn’t stop just because you’re at work, so the basics such as bicycles, outside gym trim trails, as well as a child-care nursery and dry cleaners all contribute to a less stressful working environment, by providing the day-to-day essentials.

In addition, the construction of the next phase of Green Park at 400 and 450 Longwater Avenue will include the International Well Building Institute’s WELL certification, meaning the design and construction of the buildings has to comply with criteria that the Institute outlines over ten categories that include air environment, water, light, fitness and sound as well as mind & community.

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